Utah Jazz Guard George Hill’s Random Act of Kindness

The newly acquired point guard saw a park filled with homeless men, women and children when he got an idea for a good deed.

George Hill
George Hill Twitter

Newly acquired Utah Jazz point guard George Hill was on a walk one day when he saw a group of homeless men, women and children. Moved by the sight, he walked to a local Wendy’s and purchased bags of burgers and fries and bottled water and walked back to the location, where he handed out his purchases. He sat and talked with the people and shared the moment on Instagram.

Impacting Lives is Something I Strive To Do Everyday. Whether Its A Smile, Hug, Conversation, Picture Or Simply Spreading The Love…. Well As I Was Walking Last Night With My Family In My New City (Salt Lake City). I Noticed A Large Group Of Men, Women And Even Children. But The Group I Noticed Maybe Had A Blanket, A Cart Filled With Things, Dirty Clothes, And Wasn't Sure When Their Last Meal Was… So Why Not Make That My One Good Deed Of The Day And Impact A Couple Lives. So Went To Wendys And Grabbed A Bunch Of Cheese Burgers, Fries Bought Some Bottled Waters And Walked Down Rio Grande Till We Reached A Park Up The Street And Passed Out Hot Meals And Mingled. Had A Great Time Listening To Some Of Their Stories… So I Challenge Everyone To Spread The Love And Do A Good Deed Once A Day. DM Me Some Of Your Good Deeds And I Will Start Posting Some Of Your Impactful Stories. Together We Can Spread The Love… #GoodDeeds #ImpactingLives #SpreadTheLove

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CBS Sports notes that Utah has worked to reduce homelessness “by a striking 91 percent,” so Hill is in good company.

Here’s to hoping Hill’s good deed catches on.