A Basketball Wife and Baby Daddy: Don’t Follow Their Example

Babies born to single mothers of color are more at risk for poverty and other ills.

Evelyn Lozada
Evelyn Lozada Jemal Countess/Getty Images

First of all, stating facts is not stigmatizing. Furthermore, poor decision-making should be stigmatized. Smokers are stigmatized because not smoking is a healthier choice. So is the choice to create and raise children with two parents as opposed to one.

That’s not “stigmatizing”; that is stating fact. (Here’s another fact. No, I don’t “despise” single mothers. My lovely mother was once one—and for the record she believes the choice to become one could use more stigmatization, not less, in 2013.)

So while I wish Evelyn Lozada a healthy pregnancy, I hope that she doesn’t inspire other women to follow her lead by continuing to make what has been proven time and again to be a less healthy choice for women, and children, especially in communities of color.

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