Designer Customizes It All, From Bikes To Backpacks

Watch This: Rachel Brooks shares her passion for innovation with The Root.



Courtesy Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks calls herself a maker of the digital and the physical. And, you ask, what does that mean exactly? In trying to explain herself to The Root, the 26-year-old declared that she likes "all things beautiful" and she pushes pixels around and configures software so that other people can design products and have the beautiful things they like, too.

The one-time men’s accessories designer is an innovator, who says she is obsessed with the idea of mass customization. Her goal is to is to transform the assembly line, which can efficiently put the same Ford automobile on every United States street corner, into a sleek Internet process that can put a customized handbag on your arm with the same speed and efficiency.

Brooks is a self-described tech junkie who just happens to make 30 percent of her own clothes. She was named to the 2013 Root 100 list of 25-45 year olds who are honored for their influence and accomplishments. Brooks founded her company, Citizen Made, with the goal of modernizing small businesses. In an interview with The Root she explains where the idea was inspired and how it helps other designers serve a customized product to their clients.

Watch the video:

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