More Than Half of Chicago Wants Him Gone, so Why Are Democrats Protecting Rahm Emanuel?

With police misconduct scandals looming over his head and more than half of Chicago calling for his resignation, why are some Democrats reluctant to call for Emanuel to step down?

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Here’s a question: What could Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel do to prompt Democrats to call for his resignation? No Democrat has yet, even though Chicago’s mayor is in the throes of scandal centered around the issue of police misconduct.

Last weekend Hillary Clinton was asked about Emanuel and answered, “Mayor Emanuel has said that he is committed to complete and total reform and I think he should be held to that standard.”

“But you think he still has credibility?” Meet the Press anchor Chuck Todd pushed Clinton.

“That’s gonna be up to him and the people of Chicago to prove,” she answered.

Over the same weekend, Sen. Bernie Sanders called for Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder to resign over a lead poisoning crisis in the city of Flint. And at the last Democratic debate, Clinton was also critical of Snyder pointing out how things might be different if the water contamination in Flint didn’t involve a mostly black community.

But there has been no parallel criticism of Mayor Emanuel, even after yet another release of video showing the police shooting someone unarmed; this time it was the 2013 video of the shooting of Cedrick Chatman that became public.  

Clinton isn’t alone in avoiding tossing Emanuel under the bus. White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was asked on Jan. 10 if the president still has confidence in Rahm Emanuel as mayor.

“I think what the president sees is a city and a people of Chicago and a mayor of Chicago that continue to do very good work,” McDonough responded.

When asked whether the mayor has lost his effectiveness as a leader during an interview with The Root, Democratic Congressman from Illinois Danny Davis answered, “Yes, he has. There’s no doubt about that.”

So then why hasn’t Davis called for the Mayor to resign as so many of his constituents in Chicago have?