College Promoting Diversity Names Confederacy Lover as President

The College of Charleston angers students and civil rights leaders by naming a Confederate re-enactor and rebel-flag supporter to run the school.

For his part, McConnell makes no apologies for promoting the Confederacy. He calls Civil War reenacting a hobby that’s a way of teaching and bringing history to life. “We shouldn’t forget about the ills of slavery, the mistakes of the past,” he said in a recent interview. He dismisses critics as folks “who never met me, they’ve never worked with me, they don’t even know me.”

Even if you try to take McConnell at his word that he’s not a racist and that he embraces some but not all of the culture and history of the South, the state and McConnell himself have not earned the benefit of the doubt. South Carolinians will point to their Indian-American governor and black GOP Sen. Tim Scott as proof of the state’s progress. But a story like this unfortunately generates the type of headlines that sound like business as usual in South Carolina. That’s why your reaction to reading this article probably wasn’t one of shock. It was likely a shaking of the head, then a shrugging of the shoulders, followed by, “What do you expect? It’s South Carolina.”

T.J. Holmes is a journalist and TV personality. Formerly of CNN, he can currently be found at MSNBC, and his commentary can be found online. Follow him on Twitter.