Memo to Rutgers: Don’t Boycott Condi Now If You Won’t Boycott Hillary Later

When it comes to Iraq, don’t selectively throw shade.

Condoleezza Rice; Hillary Clinton
Condoleezza Rice; Hillary Clinton FILES/AFP/Getty Images; FILES/AFP/Getty Images

Even if Clinton was convinced—and there’s no evidence that she wasn’t—that Iraq possessed a cache of WMD that posed a threat to Americans, she voted to authorize a costly and clearly avoidable invasion and occupation—and on the way she opposed 23 of her Senate colleagues who voted “nay.”

Here’s what she said at the time; decide for yourself:

The point’s not that Clinton should be shunned from public life because she voted to authorize the war. It’s that it is a pretty dicey game Rutgers professors are playing if they’re only going to single out Rice. Folks assume that academics lean to the left, so no one’s surprised that they’re less than thrilled to have Rice address them.

But before going all in and trying to get her booted off the dais at this year’s graduation, the faculty at Rutgers might consider the precedent they’re setting.

And the double standard they might be applying.

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