Thuggish Congressman Threatens to Break Reporter in Half ‘Like a Boy’ 

After the State of the Union address, New York Rep. Michael Grimm was seen in a video physically and verbally threatening a reporter who asked him questions he didn’t want to answer.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Updated Wed., Jan. 29, 12 pm EST:  Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) has apologized to NY1 political reporter Michael Scotto for threatening him after the State of the Union address.

According to Time Warner Cable’s NY1, Grimm called the reporter Wednesday morning and said that he “overreacted.” Scotto tweeted about the phone apology.

A written apology was also released after the phone call: 

I was wrong. I shouldn’t have allowed my emotions to get the better of me and lose my cool. I have apologized to Michael Scotto, which he graciously accepted, and will be scheduling a lunch soon. In the weeks and months ahead I’ll be working hard for my constituents on issues like flood insurance that is so desperately needed in my district post Sandy.


New York Rep. Michael Grimm is in a not-so-flattering spotlight after video footage surfaced after Tuesday night’s State of the Union address showing the Republican congressman intimidating a reporter.

In the video, Grimm can be seen dismissing political reporter Michael Scotto and walking away after being asked a question about his alleged campaign-finance violations that he did not want to answer. Grimm is currently under federal investigation for the allegations.