The Root’s Readers on Obamacare: Yes!

Our social media followers voice their enthusiasm as the enrollment period begins.

Karen Bleier/AFP
Karen Bleier/AFP

Selena D. Robinson:

Well we live in GA, which has decided not to expand Medicaid, and our annual income is too low to get a subsidy, so we’re still up a creek.

Tim V. Johnson:

I had a huge health crisis in 2005-2006. The total costs were somewhere in the range of $60,000. I actually had insurance through my employers at the time. When I was finally able to return to work ‘part-time,’ I was told that my insurance had been cancelled ‘retroactively.’ All of those bills then fell TO ME.

Now eight years later, I am finally getting back to full health. I am continually under threat of collection agents. I routinely have to deal with the threat of having my bank account seized. More than one creditor has threatened to have my wages garnished…

I now have a fairly good job. I have been able to recover a bit financially, in a day-to-day sense…but my finances and my credit are in ruins. I have not been able to pay on my student loans, and I think they are now in default. While my current job does give me a small amount to buy my own private insurance, it doesn’t even begin to approach the cost of an individual policy…

I hope that the Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama will help people like me. From the reports and numbers I have seen so far, it appears that Obamacare is making insurance rates cheaper. Other reports also indicate that more children and elderly are able to get insurance coverage.

Moni Harrion:

Here’s my healthcare story. I was born with hole in my heart which was ventricular septal defect (VSD) and need surgery to fix the hole. Luckily for me my father worked for the Postal Service and had my family covered under his insurance. So at 8yo I had my surgery. BUT because of this defect it was a curse for me getting healthcare later in life. I was dropped from my father’s insurance at 18. From then on I had problems getting insurance unless I was working for a company that offered it. No insurance agency would cover me because they saw my defect as a high risk (like a race car driver) and somehow thought I was gonna die very soon. How wrong they were!!! After having many jobs or being unemployed without insurance, I managed to outlived my so-called doomed state having to pay out-of-pocket for needed healthcare or going to free clinics. Now at 47, I have a job with great insurance coverage. With Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act), I wouldn’t have to worry if I ever get healthcare again if I get laidoff or go freelance or have have my own business! Im finally free from that doomed chain of fate! Thank you, Obama. You saved my life!

Deborah McEwin: