The Root’s Readers on Obamacare: Yes!

Our social media followers voice their enthusiasm as the enrollment period begins.

Karen Bleier/AFP
Karen Bleier/AFP

(The Root) — The federal government may be shut down, but the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchanges are open for business so that Americans can start to enroll in the plan of their choice.

The Root asked its social media followers what Obamacare means to them, and so far your support is resounding. Here’s a sample of what we’ve heard: 

Melanie Funchess:

There are 3 parts of the ACA that will be help me and my family specifically the first is being able to cover my children until age 26. I have an 18 year old son who still lives at home and finishing high school and needs coverage. The second is the annual maximum so that we don’t go broke if someone gets very sick. When my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer we almost lost everything due to the cost of treatment of the disease and we had insurance. 3rd is the elimination of the pre-existing condition clause. My husband is now getting better and able to go back to work and he would not be able to be covered because the cancer would be considered a preexisting condition.

Timothy Hughes:

My grandmother died in 1997 from breast cancer because she was unable to qualify for affordable health insurance due to a “pre-existing condition”. If the ACA had been around then my grandmother might’ve had a fighting chance.

The ACA isn’t perfect. It isn’t universal health care or even a viable pubic option. But insurance expansion & the discontinuation of the pre-existing condition exclusion are steps in the right direction. And if the ACA can help make sure some people get the fighting chance my grandmother never got, then I’m all for it. #ObamacareMatters

Lawrence Stepney Jr.:

I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2011. I was working at the time and felt once I was healed of this malady, life would go on. However , the prognosis was grim. My illness would not allow me to work now that I was on oxygen therapy 24/7. I has to go on disability. I was limited by light-headedness, and shortness of breath. Lung issues lead to heart issues and once my job healthcare ran out, Medicaid was my option. Some of my medications were not covered under Medicaid. Certain tests and office visits were not covered either. On fact, I rarely talked with my representative from the Department of Human Services. Having home to the office, they gave me no special treatment even though I was on oxygen. I brought two tanks, enough for five hours, yet had to leave in order to stay oxygenated. It seemed the system wanted me to die. In and out of the hospital, tests, heart monitors, cat scans. I’m tired. The bills keep coming in: $2000., $4000.,$875. for hospital services… I’m broke, and sick. At least I won’t get that funny look when I say I’m on Medicaid.