Obamacare Critic Ben Carson Insults Slaves

He also hurts the Republican Party's efforts to attract voters of color.

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But after earning considerable trust as a trailblazing neurosurgeon and philanthropist, Carson has propelled his political second act by filling the role of provocateur -- specializing in verbally tweaking the president -- rather than using his cred to painstakingly and logically explain why he believes that the same coverage plan that worked for Gov. Mitt Romney in Massachusetts is now a nonstarter for the Republican Party that put Romney forward as its standard-bearer a year ago.

It's an approach that's earned Carson gigs as a Fox News analyst and Washington Times columnist -- jobs at which he excels. But in the process, Dr. Carson, who's one of America's smartest, has lined himself up with "conservatives" like former Rep. Allen West and a litany of lesser-known personalities who are quick to reach for the "slavery" or "plantation" analogy when they want to separate themselves from a more Democratic-leaning electorate.

And the result, of course, is completely predictable.

Most voters -- of any color -- won't support a movement that insults their intelligence. And while Carson skewers Obama, he's also helping to turn minority voters -- not to mention white voters who are also put off -- away from the party of Abraham Lincoln, Jack Kemp and Ed Brooke.

He successfully turned himself into a conservative fixture. And he's also hurting the GOP brand.

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