‘They Have Lost Their Minds’

Government shutdown has begun; Republicans get the brunt of the blame. 

John Boehner speaks to the press. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP)
John Boehner speaks to the press. (Nicholas Kamm/AFP)

“By wanting to repeal Obamacare using this method, it defies what the popular will is,” Republican Sen. John McCain said, according to the Washington Post.

The onetime GOP presidential nominee from Arizona argued that if Americans were really that opposed to Obamacare, the 2012 election would have been “probably significantly different.”

The House’s best efforts are all for naught at this point. The government is in a seemingly unnecessary corner as Obamacare health insurance exchanges open for business today.  

Moreover, it could cost the GOP handsomely in upcoming elections, with recent polling showing that most Americans would blame the conservative party for the shutdown.