Michelle Obama on a Black Family in the White House

She also sets the record straight about her comments on being a "single mother."

Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images
Orlando Sentinel/Getty Images

Michelle Obama recently sat down with Parade magazine in a short but wide-ranging interview about the significance of having the first African American in the White House.

Children born in the last eight years will only know an African-American man being president of the United States. That changes the bar for all of our children, regardless of their race, their sexual orientation, their gender. It expands the scope of opportunity in their minds. And thats where change happens.

She also clarifies the controversial “single mother” remark she made back in April in a local TV news interview.

When you have a husband or a partner whos either traveling for work or has huge responsibility … and I give my husband credit — he knows who their friends are, he knows what their schedule is. But hes not making the calls to the dance studio to figure out what classes theyre taking next year … I think its important for both parents to shoulder that [responsibility]. I tell my kids, I am thinking about you every other minute of my day.

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