Chicago Approves Largest School Shutdown in US History

Although teachers, parents and children protested, the school board will shutter 50 locations.

Demonstrators protest school closings outside the Chicago Public Schools offices. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

On Wednesday the Chicago School Board voted to close 50 schools, the largest number of closures in history, reports the Huffington Post.

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis blasted the district's actions in a statement following the vote, saying Wednesday was "a day of mourning for the children Chicago."

"Their education has been hijacked by an unrepresentative, unelected corporate school board, acting at the behest of a mayor who has no vision for improving the education of our children," Lewis said. "Closing schools is not an education plan. It is a scorched earth policy." 

Unfortunately, the closure occurred despite heated protests from one 9-year-old Asean Johnson, who spoke out on Monday against the impending shuttering:

"You should be investing in these schools, not closing them. You should be supporting these schools, not closing them," Asean said amidst roaring applause. "We shall not be moved today. We're going to city hall ... We are not going down without a fight."

Asean also voiced this controversial opinion: "It is 90 percent of school closings [that affect] African Americans. This is racism right here."

Watch Asean below:

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