Government Isn't Strangling Broadband

Your Take: Here's what's behind Big Telecom's PR push for Internet "innovation," says Rashad Robinson.

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ColorOfChange members know well Big Telecom's pattern of manipulating the facts in order to maximize economic gain. When more than 73,000 of us took action to expose AT&T's deceptive merger proposal in 2011, the company's own lawyers ultimately confirmed that AT&T had fundamentally misled Congress, regulators and the public. At the time, a number of civil rights groups and leaders went along with AT&T's prepared talking points because they didn't think they'd be held accountable for the industry's casual relationship with the truth. Today, we should all know better.

Rashad Robinson is the executive director of With more than 850,000 members, is the nation's largest black online civil-rights organization.

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Rashad Robinson is executive director of, the nation’s largest online civil rights organization. Follow on Twitter.

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