Of Course, Ben Carson Will Never Be President

The GOP's hunger for fresh faces once again ignores the obvious in a new star -- and about Obama's appeal.

Dr. Benjamin Carson (Stan Honda/Getty Images)

Plus, there’s built-in hypocrisy when conservatives cheer the pro-education, pro-family message that Carson delivers in speeches, but then criticize the same message if it comes from Obama. It wasn’t Carson who said, “You can’t drop out of school and just drop into a good job. You’ve got to work for it and train for it and learn for it.” It was Obama, in a 2009 speech to America’s schoolkids that Republicans feverishly boycotted.

Republicans need fresh faces and fresh ideas — their own research says so. But if they’re looking for a black icon — and Carson surely is one — who will take on the task of running down the black president, then they’re sending him on a fool’s errand.

Carson will make an impact on the political scene, but before he goes from full-time healer to part-time speechmaker, he — and the conservatives championing him — would be better served if they took a slightly more critical look at why Obama won the last two presidential elections, and accepted that the skill set needed to be a brilliant physician isn’t necessarily the skill set of a statesman. You would no sooner ask Carson to order an airstrike than you’d look to Obama to separate conjoined twins.

And figuring that out isn’t exactly brain surgery.

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