Black America Has a Choice on Nov. 6

Your Take: The latest job report shows how high the stakes are, says a Romney-campaign adviser.

Job seekers line up at a San Antonio oil-and-gas company. (Bloomberg/Getty Images)

We must take a long, hard look at this problem, and we must take a long hard look at President Obama. The promise of four years ago has faded, and so have our hopes. We must ask ourselves a question: If we give President Obama our votes again, why should we think anything will change?

President Obama has his heart in the right place, but his policies simply have not worked for the country, and those failures have fallen particularly hard on the black community. If we want a change, if we want a better future, then we must seriously consider voting for Mitt Romney.

I know that is not a popular suggestion, but Mitt Romney’s plan is one that can really make a difference. He has proposed education reforms that will benefit children in poor areas by giving them an opportunity to attend good-quality schools. He will reform regulations and cut red tape that is burdening the small businesses that so many black Americans depend upon for employment. And he’ll bring down the cost of energy by taking advantage of natural resources in this country.

President Obama’s election was, in itself, an accomplishment. But it’s hard to say that he has accomplished much else in the four years that have followed. We need the change that President Obama promised us back then. Mitt Romney is offering it. But first we have to make the hard choices.

Tara Wall is veteran journalist and senior communications and coalitions adviser for the Romney-Ryan campaign. She blogs at

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