Did White Gender Gap Really Help Obama?

It's a myth that white women propelled him to victory. Here's who really made the difference.

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This is not to say that subgroups of white women did not support the Obama-Biden ticket. Indeed, it was younger, single, white women, at about 56 percent, who joined overall African Americans, Latinos and Asians in rejecting Romney-Ryan. Their numbers, however, did not offset the vast majority of older white women, who voted with their husbands, brothers and cousins in supporting the allegedly "women-bashing" Republican Party. "Rape" mattered, but not as much as race.    

In addition to writers such as Maureen Dowd, the generic gender misrepresentation by the media has produced some curious -- and overlooked -- TV moments. On an MSNBC chat show, a middle-aged white female guest nodded to Nancy Giles, agreeing that women like herself and minorities like the black comedian had boosted the victory of the president. The first half of this conclusion was, of course, an Obama false positive.

Mitt Romney is not just the president of "white male America," as Maureen Dowd suggests; he is the standard-bearer of that broader America that, by a margin of 59 percent to 39 percent, voted overwhelmingly for his near lily-white GOP.

God help us all.

Les Payne is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and frequent contributor to The Root.

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