Election 2012: Two Visions on Education

Your Take: Obama's reforms put our children's future on the right track. Romney would derail them.

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While all of these measures are steps in the right direction, the president has gone further and established the White House Initiative on Education Excellence for African Americans, which is designed to produce a more effective and comprehensive range of programs for African-American students from cradle to career.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan seem to have missed the memo. They would eliminate the president's college tax credit -- and slash Pell Grants for nearly 10 million students. To make matters worse, Romney's plan would gut investments in education, leaving schools with fewer teachers and more crowded classrooms.

Romney has even gone so far as to admit that he believes class size doesn't matter. But as any teacher in a classroom of 40 students will attest, class size does matter. It matters a lot.

These are the stakes, and they have never been higher. We cannot afford to let our children's futures fall by the wayside. Do not underestimate the impact that your voice can have on our country's future. If everyone commits to doing at least one thing to organize his or her community, the combined impact will ensure that President Obama can keep moving this country forward for another four years. Now is not the time to take chances with our children's future.

Charles J. Ogletree is a professor at Harvard Law School, the founder of the school's Charles Hamilton Houston Institute for Race and Justice and the author of numerous books on legal topics.

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