Barack Obama: Our 1st Meme President

Another way he's made history: becoming the first in the White House to routinely go viral.


Most Viral Photo Ever 

Pete Souza/White House

The most shared picture in the history of Twitter and most “Liked” photo ever shared on Facebook was taken by a campaign photographer back in August, and chosen on a whim by a young campaign staffer to post at 11:15 on election night, just as the world learned that President Obama would win a second term. The accompanying text was simple: “Four more years.” Was it the closed eyes? The warm embrace? The sense of equality? There are plenty of theories, but we’re guessing that any picture of the first couple shared at that particular celebratory moment would have been just about as viral.


Romnesia: A New Diagnosis and an Instant Hashtag

 Via KnowYourMeme

Forbes called it a “made for social media attack line,” and if that’s what it was, it worked. President Obama first coined the phrase at a Virginia campaign rally as shorthand for what he said were Mitt Romney’s inconsistent positions. Obama’s campaign didn’t waste any time capitalizing on the term with an “official” definition in a press release (“Romnesia [Rom-nee-zhuh] Noun — a condition affecting Mitt Romney, who has shifted his positions from ‘severely conservative’ to ‘severely kidding’ — conveniently forgetting the conservative promises he’s made over the past six years that he’s been running for president”). And Twitter took it from there. Perhaps thanks in part to all the #Romnesia hashtags, voters didn’t forget this criticism of the Republican candidate.


Image of Hope