Obama's and Romney's Worst Debate Moments

We can just about guarantee that there will be new material to add to this list after tonight.

John Gurzinski/Getty Images; Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

If watching other people struggle in the spotlight gives you unbearable secondhand embarrassment, read no further. In the clips below, from a list compiled by Mother Jones, President Obama and Mitt Romney had some rough moments behind the podium.

There's Obama promising to call the "president" of Canada and forgetting a deceased soldier's name. Or Romney drawing attention to his vast wealth with a casual $10,000 bet, and his awkward touching moment with Rick Perry.

The worst news: We guarantee there will be something to add to this list after the first debate. Watch live coverage of the event -- good, bad and indifferent -- from The Root and This Week in Blackness tonight.

Read more at Mother Jones.

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