Watch This: Romney Ad on BET

A conservative PAC tells black people President Obama doesn't respect them.

Pivot Point super PAC












A new pro-Romney clip, sponsored by the PAC-run group Pivot Point, has received a significant amount of air time on BET. Highlights include African Americans saying, "He [President Obama] wants our vote again, but how can I vote for someone who doesn't respect me?" and "His support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith."

Well, speaking of lack of respect ... this attempt to get black support past zero percent for the GOP ticket may or may not work, but give the Romney team some credit: The spot is significantly less cringe-inducing than that infamous booed NAACP speech, and "I'm around black people, so I'm going to say 'Who let the dogs out? Woof!' " moments from earlier in the campaign. For old time's sake, we've included clips below.

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