Black TV Watch: Obama Jokes With Jay Leno

Obama visits The Tonight Show. Plus, Luther is his inner angry black man on Key & Peele.


(The Root) — With the stress of the debates finally behind us, some of us need a little laughter before we head to the polls. Enter Key & Peele. And even the president yukked it up with Jay Leno.

Key & Peele (Wednesday, 10:30 p.m. EST; Comedy Central)

“Why you smiling, while you getting your ass kicked? Are we debating or are you trying to sell me a Lexus?! … On behalf of all the people in Detroit who want to stab you, I ask again, why are you smiling!?” —Luther

“Hey! Dummy! Look! Iran is on the sea. Syria’s two godd— countries this way! BAM! Which is a city in Iran.” —Luther

Highlight: President Obama has been accused of being too composed, but we all know there’s a ticked-off dude up underneath all that cordiality. In this episode of Key & Peele, his voice of irrationality, Luther, makes another appearance. If you recall him from the show’s first season’s introduction, he’s President Obama’s anger translator, and he’s rude. Luther says what President Obama would probably love to say, and by the end of the skit, the president speaks directly to Gov. Romney: “You never-gon-be-president-lookin-motherf—–.” Ha!



The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Wednesday, 11:30 p.m. ET; NBC)