What Did the DNC and RNC Have in Common?

Almost zero mentions of black issues. But if Obama gets a second term, maybe that will change.

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That's about it -- because America's first black president is America's president, not the president of black America. And, years ago, Chicago Mayor Harold Washington explained to me the double standard black politicians were forced to endure. Like Irish-Americans, Polish-Americans or Italian-Americans, African Americans are a national ethnic group. But because black politicians are so often defined by their color, if they advocate for their own ethnic group it becomes a racial issue.

Barack Obama is no exception. So our first black president is expected to be race neutral. It's just that black and white. But maybe in his second term, President Obama can steer away from the "rising tide lifts all boats" philosophy, and make sure that poor blacks finally get their break.

Cyber columnist Monroe Anderson is a veteran Chicago journalist who has written signed op-ed-page columns for both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times and executive-produced and hosted his own local CBS TV show. He was also the editor of Savoy Magazine. Follow him on Twitter.

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