Leadership, Mitt Romney Style

To the candidate and some supporters, it's very presidential to dismiss half of the electorate.

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This GOP presidential candidate is steadfast and will not pander for your stinking votes ... which he wouldn't get anyway, but whatever! Mitt Romney is a man of strength -- and as long as you aren't a likely voter for him, he'll continue to take a crap on your ideals and explain why you simply hate America. This is what they call "leadership."

And while Romney's recent comments clearly show his mindset and the spirit of his campaign, the commentary from conservative politicians and pundits who have rallied around him is equally problematic. Erick Erickson of RedState, who has been very anti-Romney in the past, says that he wishes this were the Romney on the campaign trail, and the conservative consensus is that Romney was right.

The party that so angrily yells about class warfare has had zero problems attacking the have-nots and labeling anyone who might support the current president as simply freeloaders. An entire political party in the year 2012 has adopted a platform of disdain for half of America.

But the election is still very close. Even with Obama's postconvention bounce, he has only an average 3-percentage-point advantage. With an opposition that has contempt for virtually half of Americans, the Democrats still haven't been able to lock up a strong lead. This is still anyone's game, and I find that frightening. How is it possible that a party led by a gaffe-prone, attacker-of-the-poor, cartoonishly out-of-touch rich guy still has a chance to control this country?

I don't have an answer. All I have is a cold shiver in my soul and a rough business plan drawn on a bar napkin about starting a pork-and-rum shack on an island somewhere around January 2013.  

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