RNC 2012: Expect the Usual Sound and Fury

This week in Tampa you can expect bad weather and the usual misleading attacks on Obama.

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(The Root) — When the Grand Old Party gathers this week in Tampa, Fla., during the peak of hurricane season, the politicians’ sound and the fury on the inside of the Convention Center may well match the wind and the fury of tropical storm Isaac on the outside.

For three days, one blowhard Republican after the next will take to the national podium, attributing all the nation’s ills to President Obama while extolling presidential wannabe Mitt Romney as the man with the plan to cure all.

Almost all the accusations will be predictable. Almost none will be all that true.

Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the right-wing echo chamber, where talking points are passed around like the cold virus in a nursery school, we will have heard it all before.

For the past four years, the echo chamber — a cabal of extreme-right media, 1-percenters and politicians — has had plenty to say about our 44th president. None of it’s been good. As one malicious message after the next was transmitted from Fox Cable News to Newsmax to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity to one Republican politician after the other, it has been mind-numbingly repetitious. In the right-wing narrative, our nation’s first black president is always The Other, someone or something different from true-blooded Americans. There’s Obama the socialist. Obama the foreign-born. Obama the Muslim.

And then there’s Obama, “the brother from another planet.” As Speaker of the House John Boehner charged as he was interviewed in January by a small group of reporters, “We just come from two different planets.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell echoed the same sentiment and language a couple of months ago when Fox News quoted President Obama as saying, “After losing jobs for 25 months in a row our businesses have actually created jobs for 27 months in a row; 4.3 million jobs in all,” by responding, “Well, the president must be on another planet.”

We can expect more of the same signifying next week at the Republican National Convention. Besides more not-so-veiled references to the president’s otherness, there should be plenty of mentions of his “failed record” and how unemployment has remained above 8 percent throughout his presidency. We’ll hear about the national debt and deficit and how America is on the verge of becoming Greece any day now, how the debt will burden our children and our children’s children if left in the hands of the current administration.