Mitt Romney’s Awkward Honesty Tour

After Mitt Romney insulted the British handling of the 2012 Olympics, the British press dubbed him "Mitt the Twit." On this side of the pond, cultural vlogger Jay Smooth digs into the Republican candidate's inability to express his true feelings except at the most inappropriate times.

Jay Smooth and Mitt Romney (
Jay Smooth and Mitt Romney (

The opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games began Friday along with Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s global tour, and it’s been a bumpy road thus far. In London, Romney insulted the British and their Olympics by saying he wasn’t sure if the country was prepared.

Cultural critic Jay Smooth at IlllDoctrine looks at Romney’s comments and juxtaposes his new awkward honesty with the candidate’s usual awkward evasiveness. Watch Jay Smooth break down Romney’s opinions below:

Watch more of Jay Smooth at Ill Doctrine.

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