Why I Fight to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal

Your Take: Mississippi's new law blocking access is one reason, says Law & Order: SVU actress.

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Clearly we have a lot at stake in the fight to maintain access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including safe and legal abortion. For six years now, I have been lending my voice to this fight. The truth is, we all need to lend our voices and energy to it, because there are some very powerful opponents lending theirs to the effort to end women's access to affordable reproductive care, including abortion. 

Supporting women's health care is crucial because it may well save the life of your mother, sister, wife, daughter or -- as I learned firsthand those many years ago -- friend.

Tamara Tunie, an actress, plays Dr. Melanie Warner, the medical examiner on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She has been a member of Planned Parenthood's Board of Advocates for six years, and most recently she has been helping the organization promote a short documentary, A Vital Service: African-American Stories of Reproductive Health.

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