Obama Must Stop Doing the Electric Slide

His green-jobs agenda wastes taxpayer dollars, while programs that help our community suffer.

Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images
Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images

Despite blaming Bush for two years, and constant moans about uncooperative Republicans along the way, President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats cannot be accused of not being successful in implementing major portions of their agenda since 2009. Never mind that this “success” has resulted in our nation drowning in debt ($15.5 trillion and counting).

In early 2009 the then-Democrat-controlled Congress passed, and Obama signed into law, an $800 billion jobs stimulus package that did very little to jump-start the country’s main economic engine, the private sector. While private-sector employers continued to hemorrhage jobs, most of that $800 billion was spent to ensure that government-sector jobs were spared the ax. Consistent with that effort, the president’s budgetary manipulation of the tax code in order to socially engineer the move toward a big-government green agenda also came into sharp focus.

The idea of obtaining a natural gas or electric vehicle through a “tax incentive” at a car dealership is just a small part of the Obama green agenda.

The genesis of Obama’s green agenda can perhaps be traced to Oct. 27, 2009, when Vice President Joe Biden announced that Fisker Automotive would produce plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in Wilmington, Del. Since that time, taxpayers have provided $529 million in federal loan guarantees to the firm. No vehicles were ever made in the United States, and the staff was laid off in February. Yet the company is going back to the Department of Energy for more help.

In January 2011 Biden was at it again when he visited the Ener1 plant in Greenfield, Ind., to praise its plan to manufacture batteries for electric cars. “We’re going to reshape how Americans drive,” Biden proclaimed. Again, taxpayers were put on the hook for $118.5 million. Yet no batteries were produced, and this year Ener1 filed for federal bankruptcy protection.

But the most infamous of the stimulus boondoggles was the $535 million taxpayer-guaranteed loan the White House secured for the green-jobs company Solyndra. Today Solyndra lies bankrupt and under investigation by the FBI.