Back to the Future, Starring Rick Santorum

Obama's America: The GOP candidate misses the mark with his antiquated ideas about college.

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One night after dinner, his dad told me: "College isn't for everyone." I immediately thought: "You're dooming this kid to a life on society's margins."

Thankfully, the guy's story hasn't turned out grim. He has reached his mid-20s and owns a small shop. But I'm convinced that college-level training in business would have given him the insights to build a formal plan to accelerate his venture's growth -- and be the anchor his neighborhood desperately needs.

As the country heads to next week's Super Tuesday contests and the general election, we should probe more deeply to understand what Santorum really believes. America needs a president who will lead us forward, with fresh ideas. The country -- and the world -- can't afford a president who embraces mediocrity, sets the bar too low or dampens our aspirations.

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