Caption This: Cain's Home Page Photo

OK, first the "smoker" campaign ad, now this. What's going on with Cain's new website home page?


Former presidential candidate Herman Cain is the master of inexplicable campaign imagery. First there was the bizarre campaign commercial with the close-up of his chief of staff smoking. And we can't forget the fact that if you flip 9-9-9 upside down, you get the 6-6-6 combination that many believe to be satanic.

Now this: The home page of the post-campaign website that he just announced today, It's little more than a sign-up page, but the image of the old man in the saggy pants staring off into a desolate field with storm clouds looming has us scratching our heads.

What does he see in the distance? A pair of pants that fits, maybe? Is he hoping that Cain will "come back to the plantation" now that he's no longer running for president? How would you caption this photo?

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