Ron Paul Ad Aims to Downplay Racism Flap

An ad showing the Republican presidential contender helping a mixed couple aims to quell accusations of racism.


A new ad released by Ron Paul's campaign aims to quell the racist-newsletter uproar that has cost the Republican presidential contender many supporters.

The ad, released by Revolution PAC, features an interracial couple who talk about their struggles in the 1970s Texas south, where they were faced with discrimination even during a near-fatal trip to the doctor. 

In the ad, which never mentions the newsletter uproar, a black man by the name of James Williams talks about how his then-pregnant wife was denied attention at a hospital when Paul, a doctor, came to the rescue.

"He was a doctor of medicine, and that's what he was doing, practicing medicine. And it didn't matter who and what and why," Williams said.

Paul helped, Williams said, because "he thinks of one human being just as much as another one. He's just an honest man. And that's something we need now in this day and time. "

Ten minutes after Paul helped the couple, their baby was born -- stillborn.

Paul has disavowed the content contained in his eponymous newsletters that was offensive to both blacks and gays. He claims that a ghostwriter wrote them and he failed to look them over and approve them. 

This ad is another cheap attempt by Paul to stay above water in the upcoming Iowa caucuses and for the rest of this race. While his deed should be applauded, the content of those racist newsletters shows that while he may have helped that couple, he published racist material. And the help Paul gave that couple was part of his job; he had no choice. So this ad shouldn't be looked upon as something that clears Paul; it's what he was supposed to do, whether or not that couple was interracial.

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