Newt Gingrich Doesn't Like Poor Children

Kids in poverty don't understand work? The GOP primary front-runner needs to get a clue.

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I knew tons of kids whose parents busted their hind parts to make sure they were provided for. And as for us poor kids, I had friends with hustles early on. Trying to sell and trade baseball cards. Shoveling snow during storms. We knew the power of work and money.

This is what many poor children understand more than any other children. We understand that life is hard and we have to do anything necessary to survive. Poor children don't need to be introduced to work. They need to be introduced to opportunity and hope. Poor children need to have schools that aren't failing them.

As opposed to making them janitors, why not hire more teachers? Why not create better environments in school so that poor children can learn more, as opposed to being in overcrowded classrooms with teachers who can barely get books that are up-to-date?

Poor children are not doing illegal things because they don't know what work is. Those who do participate in illegal activities (and contrary to the implications that many conservatives make, when it comes to stealing, it's shown that rich people tend to do it more than the poor), a lot of times they understand exactly what work is. They've seen their parents work for years and barely keep their family off the street.

Forget prosperity -- they just want regularity. They want to regularly eat. Regularly pay rent. The poor who do turn to crime don't do so because of a lack of understanding of a full day's work. They do it because a full day's work for the poor often seems meaningless.

Funny. Asking the top 1 percent to pay their share is considered class warfare. Asking the bottom 30 to sacrifice their childhoods to clean floors seems like common sense to Newt Gingrich.

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