Dear OWS: Welcome to Our World

Police brutality experienced by the movement is nothing new in the black community.

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Yes, we can -- and have (there is support from various folks of color) -- come together within this movement, but you can't expect us to throw away "race" and ignore history. Even the violence that's happening with the Occupiers right now is looked at differently because of race. You can't be surprised that people have reservations about this when you look at how our issues have been dealt with before.

I'm not making an argument for ignoring the movement because a lot of the movement ignored us. But I am saying take a moment to walk away from your righteousness to understand that your newfound plight has been some people's plight for generations.

We just didn't have a catchy name for it.

Elon James White is a writer-comedian and the host of the award-winning Web series This Week in Blackness and the Internet radio show Blacking It Up. Follow him on Twitter.

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Elon James White is a writer and satirist and host of the award-winning video and radio series This Week in Blackness. Listen Monday to Thursday at 1:30 p.m. EST at TWIB.FM and watch at TV.TWIB.ME/LIVE. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr.

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