Obama and Young Voters: 'Greater Together'

Valeisha Butterfield-Jones, the re-election campaign's national youth-vote director, tells why.

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We're finding that peer-to-peer communication is critical to reminding young Americans that this is a president who cares about them and has done a lot for them. Young people have conversations with each other about these issues and, more importantly, what can be done if he is elected again in this next presidential election.

TR: Why should people get involved with Greater Together?

VBJ: First and foremost, young people have a stake in this election, so why not take advantage of an opportunity to make a difference today and for future generations to come?

This is a cool, innovative and forward-thinking campaign that cares about the issues that affect young Americans. They have the chance to support a president that really believes in them and to be part of a community that believes in our president. The Greater Together initiative gives young people the opportunity to have the issues they want addressed if he is elected to another term over the next four years.

Nsenga Burton is editor-at-large for The Root.

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