VIDEO: Ginger White Claims Affair With Cain

The Georgia businesswoman alleges a 13-year affair with the presidential candidate.

Ginger White (Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images)

It was "pretty simple," Ginger White, a Georgia businesswoman, said of her alleged 13-year affair with GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain in a report released by Atlanta-based Fox 5 on Monday.

"I was aware that he was married," she said in the report. "And I was also aware I was involved in a very inappropriate situation, relationship." White opened up about the alleged affair, which she said went on for 13 years, over the holiday weekend.

Cain tried to pre-empt the coverage in an interview on CNN. He said that he would face allegations of "an affair for an extended period of time" and denied any wrongdoing.

While White appears believable, questions are already being raised about her credibility. The Daily News reports that the alleged mistress is mired in financial woes. Who knows what will become of her story? Between this latest charge and the sexual harassment allegations, Cain certainly has his hands full. The details will continue to play out on the public stage until either he drops out of the race or the Republican Party nominates a candidate.

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