Grading Obama: Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

The Princeton professor says that President Obama does not embody what he promised in the campaign.

TR: Do you believe that Obama has made marked strides toward a “postracial” America?

ESG: No, he hasn’t. In fact, his presidency has been an occasion for deepening racial divides. In some ways President Obama stands alone. There is no precedent other than the first black mayors.

TR: In what areas of public policy, if any, do you believe Obama has most neglected the concerns of black Americans?

ESG: I would have expected a more robust urban policy. But the specific devastation of the housing crisis in black communities should have been addressed more directly.

Tomorrow: Duke’s Mark Anthony Neal grades the president.

Alexander Heffner, a freelance journalist based in New York and Boston, has written for the Washington Post, Boston Globe and USA Today.

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