The Casual-Friday Campaign for President

Robin Givhan, in the Daily Beast, dissects the new dress code for candidates on the 2012 presidential campaign trail.

Robin Givhan, in the Daily Beast, reviews early fashion nuances of the 2012 presidential race, noting that the requisite suit-and-tie have all but been vanquished to the closet.

In the pursuit of the presidency, as candidates make use of every form of communication — including style and its nuanced inflections — the earnest rolling of sleeves and strategic mussing of hair has begun. Stick on the flag pins; buy red ties by the gross; stock up on grandpa polos! The Iowa straw poll is just around the bend.

And yet, just when certain costumes are assured — business suits and serious ties, for instance — along come a couple of prominent Republican candidates with something new to say: Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann. Each reflects an evolution of the political species.

Frontrunner Romney, typically polished to a sheen and awkwardly formal, appears to have misplaced all his ties. Even as he confabs with businessmen who have gussied up in a suit and tie for the occasion, Romney sticks to an open-collar aesthetic.

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