Black Chatter, Not Leadership

Jill Nelson has had enough of the irrelevant, privileged-class debate about Cornel West's criticism of Barack Obama.

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As a black feminist, I see the whole debacle as illustrative of the limits and failures of traditional black male leadership, a gender-based end of the road reached some time ago but still largely unacknowledged in black communities and unchallenged by black women. Enough of the dickpolitik! Surely now is the time to identify new priorities and institute specific conversations about how to positively transform communities.

Activists, organizers and others -- particularly women -- working at the grass roots should lead that conversation. And it should include all who are committed to working for change and social justice. Enough talking loud and saying nothin': Time for sisters to step up and jump to it once again. 

Jill Nelson lives and writes in Harlem, N.Y.

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