RightWatch: I Will Miss Glenn Beck

In my new role as The Root's monitor of right-wing activists, the frequent crier's departure from Fox News will make my job more difficult.

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The press release announcing the decision says that Fox News and Beck will continue to work together on unspecified television projects, but that, as Milbank points out, may just be window dressing. Though it is reported that Beck dreams about following in the footsteps of Oprah Winfrey by starting his own network, there's a chance that his days as a regular corrupting presence on the airways are over.

But is that a good thing? Media Matters, the left-leaning watchdog group that takes credit for sparking the corporate boycott of Beck's show, seems to think so. So does Milbank, who wrote that "the influences that undermined Beck are doing the same to other purveyors of fear," such as Bristol Palin's mom. But I'm not persuaded.

Beck's demise not only will make it harder to know what his crazy fans are thinking but will also open up a vacancy that Fox News can fill with equally vile right-wing propaganda wrapped in more respectable packaging. That's not exactly progress. So, like Beck, I'm going to shed a Vicks-assisted tear for his departure from the airwaves. I'm going to miss him.

Jack White is a frequent contributor to The Root.

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is a former columnist for TIME magazine and a regular contributor to The Root.