VIDEO: Has Qaddafi's Son Been Killed?

Clinton says there are unconfirmed reports. Meanwhile, Obama cuts Latin America trip short to deal with Libya.


The Huffington Post is reporting that ABC News' Diane Sawyer spoke with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this afternoon about the situation in Libya:

According to Clinton, there are unconfirmed reports that at least one of Gaddafi's sons has been killed.

She says that Gaddafi's behavior is unpredictable. "Some of it is theater. Some of it is, you know, kind of, shall we say game playing, to try to do one message to one group, another message to somebody else."

Clinton also spoke about Gaddafi's role in the future of Libya. "Now obviously, if we want to see a stable, peaceful, hopefully someday democratic Libya, it is highly unlikely that can be accomplished if he stays in power as he is.

So even though Qaddafi's son being killed would be a dramatic development, it ultimately doesn't matter as long as his dad is still holding on to power in the country. And he seems increasingly determined to do so. President Obama, whose five-day visit to Latin America has been overshadowed from the start by the war he's running in Libya, announced today that he would cut his trip short, departing El Salvador for the U.S. on Wednesday morning instead of in the afternoon as planned.

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