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They Love to Hate, in Growing Numbers

Put together a black president and growing immigration with a shrinking white majority, and what do you get? A backlash, it would appear.

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King decided to abandon her belief in white supremacy after befriending several Jamaican immigrants, convicted drug mules, while in prison in her native south Florida. Having been locked up for three years for an armed-robbery conviction, she has now relocated to a state that she does not want to publicly disclose. (Pledging a lifelong commitment and then leaving hate groups makes you a target, she says.) King has since earned two college degrees. She is a restaurant manager and social-justice activist, lecturing and organizing against race hatred.

That the scourge of hate continues to spread does not surprise researchers at the Montgomery, Ala.-based SPLC. "What we're hoping to do is bring a public awareness so that people understand there is a significant and violent radical-right wing," said Mark Potok, editor of the Intelligence Report. "In no way do we want to suppress free speech or extremely robust political debate ... but we're seeing an enormous amount of anti-immigrant propaganda and a demonizing of particular groups of people that sets up members of these hate groups to commit acts of violence."

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based freelancer Katti Gray writes for several national and regional news organizations.

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