The Incredible Shrinking Democratic Party

The number of people who identify as Democrats is at its lowest in 22 years.

In 2008, Democrats were winning in every possible way. They won the presidency, the House and the Senate! In 2010, “winning” might not be the best word to describe the left. As the party’s leader, Barack Obama, notably said, the Dems got “shellacked” during November’s midterm elections. And now this: A recent Gallup Poll shows that only 31 percent of Americans consider themselves Democrats. That’s the lowest number in 22 years, and a five-point drop from last year. Of course, the number of people identifiying as independents increased to 38 percent.

The silver lining for the Democrats is that their numbers are still higher than the Republicans — only 29 percent of respondents copped to rolling with the GOP. If we’re sure of nothing else, it’s that the independent 38 percent of our electorate is going to get a lot of attention come 2012. But what else is new?

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