Anonymous Author of Obama Novel Revealed

Former McCain aide wrote O.


Time is reporting that Mark Salter, who has served as a senior campaign adviser and speechwriter for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), is the author of the anonymous political novel O. Based on this information alone, we were ready to make a prediction about how flattering the book's portrayal of the president would be: not very.

According to a Washington Post critic, though, "The author's sympathies are with the current resident of the White House." Apparently the (formerly) mysterious author of the not-yet-released fictional account of President Obama's campaign for 2012 re-election had knowledge that could have come only from an insider.

Another clue to his identity: Salter has been "holed up" in Maine since leaving the Senate.

The New York Post's Page Six pointed to Salter last week.

Read the full story in Time.