'Brick City' Documentary Season 2: Real Time With Cory Booker

There isn't a documentary filmmaker alive who can possibly keep up with Newark, N.J.'s tireless mayor. How can his constituents?

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Booker's light has shone beyond the Newark city limits ever since his first electoral defeat was documented in the 2005 Oscar-nominated film Street Fight. In one scene in Brick City's latest season, filmed in 2009, Booker tells his staff that they need to capitalize on his then-17,000 Twitter followers. He casually notes that 2,000 of those followers actually live in Newark.

Today, as the number of Booker followers has ballooned past 1 million (three times the population of Newark), you have to wonder who the intended audience is for his Mayor Snowplow routine. "Cory Booker gotta stop twittering," taunts his nemesis Ras Baraka, the high school principal and son of the poet Amiri, his fingers flittering in the air.

Indeed. Jake Tapper's Booker tweet was hilarious -- if you are in on the joke. But if you are among the 92 percent of Americans who have Internet access but don't use Twitter, your democracy moves a lot slower.

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