Tour Bus Crash in Egypt Kills 8 Americans

The bus, containing 37 passengers, was part of a larger tour of 116 American tourists traveling in three buses.

Bus-crash survivor is transported to hospital.

Yahoo News is reporting that a tour bus slammed into a truck in southern Egypt on Sunday, killing eight Americans and injuring 21 others in the latest fatal crash involving tourists, the state news agency said. The bus was taking a tour group on the 115-mile (185-kilometer) journey from Aswan to the ancient temples of Abu Simbel along Lake Nasser, when it ran into the truck carrying sand parked on the side of a single-lane desert road, killing six women and two men. The Egyptian driver and a guide were also injured in the accident. Egyptian security officials said that the hurt Americans were first transferred to a military hospital for treatment, and then 10 of the injured, including two Egyptians, were airlifted to a hospital in Cairo. How many more people have to die before something is done about the number of bus crashes in Egypt?

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