Sharpton: Report on NAN Finances a 'Bogus Attack' by News Corp.

Activist says a scathing report in the News Corp.-owned New York Post is payback for his Aug. 28 rally, held the same day as one led by Fox News' Glenn Beck.

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Sharpton said that the attack only sharpened his resolve to help raise votes for the embattled Democratic Party for the upcoming midterm elections in November. A political pugilist with decades of civil rights experience, he can galvanize masses from multiple platforms, including NAN, pulpits on Sunday mornings and four radio talk shows.

He also plans to use a new syndicated television show that airs on Oct. 3 to educate voters about the importance of the upcoming election season, he said. The show will appear on different stations in several markets, according to Rachel Noerdlinger, a spokeswoman for Sharpton.

"If anything, this attack only intensifies my plans to keep the pressure on," Sharpton said. "We know we're getting to them. We have to make sure there is turnout for the midterm elections. They operate with smear tactics that are at best thin, and this case is very thin. I don't know of any civil rights organization that doesn't have financial challenges, but we're moving beyond it."


Lynette Holloway is a Chicago-based writer. She is a former New York Times reporter and associate editor for Ebony magazine.

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