Dear Wyclef: Please Don't Run!

In an open letter to the hip-hop icon, a fellow Haitian-American explains why it's a bad idea for him to try to become president of Haiti.

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Your presence in the presidential campaign will not only diminish your brand, both at home and abroad, but will trivialize what should be a serious election focused on the hard work ahead.

I'm not questioning your sincerity or dismissing your art. After all, you are the people's poet. But poets are not presidents, they're poets -- and they have their place.

Wyclef, we feel you. We really do. We share your frustration with the lack of progress on the ground. We know you want better for Haiti. We do too.

But there are better people for the job. That's not to say you can't still keep doing your part. Your mic is a powerful tool; keep using it to inspire and to agitate.

But please, Wyclef, let someone else take the lead.

Marjorie Valbrun is a Haitian-American journalist.

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