What Glenn Beck Forgot About Martin Luther King Jr.

King supported labor unions and affirmative action -- and he would have voted for Barack Obama.


King’s 1967 Poor People’s Campaign was a direct appeal to increase federal assistance for those whom his lieutenant, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, described as “Americans who have not been given a fair share of America’s wealth and opportunity.” The campaign fizzled, but its outlook was a far cry from Tea Party Economics 101.


King wouldn’t like Obama’s foreign policy, but he would have supported healthcare reform — not based on the president’s case for “bending the cost curve,” but because he’d see it as a moral obligation.

And it’s pretty hard to imagine that King wouldn’t have been first in line to vote for Obama in 2008, especially when you consider this:



Which doesn’t mean that Beck can’t admire King and denounce Obama at the same time. But being a King fan is sort of like being a Yankees fan or putting ketchup on your Freedom Fries. It’s the apple-pie, all-American thing to do. Since Beck surely considers himself a red-blooded all-American, it’s only natural that he’d be looking to King for inspiration. What’s not quite clear is why he’s trying to convince his conservative flock that King was one of them.

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