What Glenn Beck Forgot About Martin Luther King Jr.

King supported labor unions and affirmative action -- and he would have voted for Barack Obama.

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More than any other quote, conservatives reach for King's lyrical yet nebulous "content of their character" refrain when arguing that King would have opposed affirmative action. But it's hard to figure out what part of these words they misunderstood:


King's 1967 Poor People's Campaign was a direct appeal to increase federal assistance for those whom his lieutenant, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, described as "Americans who have not been given a fair share of America's wealth and opportunity." The campaign fizzled, but its outlook was a far cry from Tea Party Economics 101.


King wouldn't like Obama's foreign policy, but he would have supported healthcare reform -- not based on the president's case for "bending the cost curve," but because he'd see it as a moral obligation.

And it's pretty hard to imagine that King wouldn't have been first in line to vote for Obama in 2008, especially when you consider this: