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Unemployment Benefits Extension Fails

Republicans and Neb. Democrat Ben Nelson defeat bill that would help millions of unemployed Americans.


In another instance of being kicked while down, Senate Republicans and Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson voted against a bill that would have extended unemployment benefits for another 6 months. With the death of Sen. Robert Byrd and Nelson's nay vote, Democrats failed to protect the interests of unemployed Americans. Republican Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, who voted yay on the bill, failed to motivate their fellow party members to help millions of unemployed Americans. Democrats plan to make another attempt to break the Republican filibuster. More than 2 million Americans are immediately affected by the failure of this bill. We can't add to the deficit, but we can add to some other areas. We'll look forward to a depressed economy, an increased homeless population, increased crime, more foreclosures, more unhealthy Americans and hungry children. Gee, thanks.